There are no minimum or maximum service requirements.  We will travel to you for just one service!  We are also available for your Engagement Photo Sessions, Bachelorette/ Hen Parties, and Wedding Showers.   Having a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding?  We provide beautiful hair styles and makeup for Disney brides.  Early morning and last minute hair styling and makeup appointment requests are welcome.  Please call 813-597-5554 or contact us to reserve your appointment.        

Trial Runs
Trial Runs are available at the same rate.  Our stylists will take photos of the trial run to refer to on the event day.  Scheduling a trial run prior to your wedding day allows us to meet you to discuss your needs and offer suggestions.  By doing this in advance, you can be assured that your look will be perfect and achieve peace of mind for your wedding day. Please prepare by wearing no makeup and having dry hair.  Please do not flatiron your hair if you are interested in any loose waves or curls in your style. 

Short hair is hair that hits right at the top of the shoulders and above.  Long hair is any length beyond the top of the shoulders.  The styling methods can be a blow- out, flat iron, curls, or an up-do.  Prices do not vary based on the styling method or hair texture and thickness, only the hair’s length.  Stylists use products to ensure the curls hold and the styles are maintained through out the event.

Standard Makeup
Long wearing creams, liquids and powders are applied with makeup brushes to achieve flawless blends and finishes.  All products used are long wearing, including water- proof mascara and eyeliner.  Please advise the Artist if you do not want water proof mascara and eyeliner. 

Airbrush Makeup
A micro fine pigment particle is sprayed as a fine mist through an airbrush gun resulting in the most natural makeup finish available.  Airbrush is able to provide full coverage without the heaviness and texture of traditional makeup.  The product is long wearing (8-12 hours), virtually water resistant and light weight, with no touch ups required.  Ideal for women with scarring, discoloration, acne, or simply just wanting the most flawless foundation available.  The Airbrush Service includes foundation, contour, highlight, and blush.  Lip and eye products are not airbrushed on.

Tattoo Cover Up
A dense opaque concealer is applied directly to the tattoo and then an over spray or powder is applied until the tattoo is almost completely invisible.  The price varies depending on the size and color of the tattoo.  The cover will be water proof, however, do not rub or press on the area once covered.

Hair Extensions 
A clip- in hair piece or multiple hair pieces can be added into the hair to create length or volume.  If you are wanting a hair style but do not feel that you have long enough or thick enough hair to achieve it, hair extensions are an excellent option.  The Artist can advise you on what length, color, and type of clip- in hair extensions you would need to purchase to create the desired look.  Synthetic hair is not recommended for use.  The fiber used for synthetic hair melts when hot tools are used to style it.  

Men’s Grooming  
This service includes concealer, powder, eyebrow filler, bronzer, lip conditioner and hair styling.  We will cover any acne, discoloration, sunburn, scarring, or under eye darkness to ensure the groom looks perfect for his big day.  The makeup application is very subtle and natural.

Individual Makeup or Hair Class 
One on one makeup or hair tutorial lasting two hours.  The Artist will cover the client’s current makeup or hair products and application techniques.  Once reviewed, the Artist and client will discuss a desired look and technique they are hoping to achieve.  The Artist will work with the client by applying the desired look to half of the client’s face and the client matching the application on the other half.  The Artist will guide and interject comments or suggestions to aid in the process.  If the client does not own all of the products needed to create the look, the Artist will use their own kit and create a list for the client to refer to when purchasing products.  At the conclusion of the appointment, the Artist will provide written step by step instructions for the client.  Great option for Brides wanting to do their own makeup for their wedding or eloping. 

Group Makeup or Hair Classes  
An Artist will provide a step by step instruction on a model, provided by the client, of a desired look for the attendees.  Attendees are encourage to ask questions and take notes.  The Artist will take time at the conclusion of the demonstration to review the application and how it would be personalized to each of the attendees.  Please note, makeup is not applied directly to the attendees with the exception of the model.          
Please review our F.A.Q. page prior to your appointment date.  We appreciate your business and look forward to making your wishes come true on your special day.